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Pendulum Healing

Pendulum healing is when you use a pendulum to do energy healing or spiritual healing to affect positive changes in another person’s health and well-being. It works on mind, body and soul of the person being healed.

The healer uses a special healing pendulum and then following a standard protocol the healer uses the pendulum to transmit energy and mental messages called thought forms to the person being healed. If the healer has other healing skills the pendulum can be used to prepare the client for that type of healing it can also be used to help the effects of any other type of healing work to be integrated. For example the healer might start out with pendulum work and then transition to Reiki, massage, Reflexology or any other healing in a single session.

The pendulum is used to empower affirmations to cause positive change. Pendulum healing can be done remotely i.e. from a distance. It works on the physical mental and emotional works on changing mental and emotional programmes. It also works on creating what you want from life e.g. creating abundance and prosperity.

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